Manifesting is an Illusion

Manifesting is an illusion.

Does that statement stir something in you?

If it stirs up anxiety, because manifesting has brought significant joy and peace into your life, then the following words are not for you.  Perhaps manifesting is working for you in that it adds to your life in a healthy way, and there is no illusion in that.

For others, like myself, the idea that manifesting is an illusion stirs intrigue, hope, and maybe even some excitement.

But why?

Manifesting has brought some very positive growth into my life and my inner world.  Meditation, healing and inspiring/healing visualizations, personal and spiritual development, many habits of self-care and the raising of frequency/vibration, even some sacred and beautiful friendships and relationships.

Eventually, I began to notice a strange desire waking within me… I desperately wanted free will to be an illusion, but I could not understand why.

At that time in life, I was participating in a meditation/manifesting group, a group of beautiful souls, not one bad intention amongst them.  They are pure spirits with a genuine dedication to personal and spiritual growth.

I was also experiencing a severe bout of depression at that time, something I have battled with for over 20 years, from my high school years up until now. This developed into chronic issues, such as a rare balance disorder (MdDS), severe sleep and concentration issues, as well as addictive tendencies. I was also, as a single mother, experiencing burnout, feeling like there was no time for my own healing.  I was always treading water while holding my son’s head above the waves too.

I was not on medication at the time, though I knew it relieved my depression.  I was dedicated to my spiritual path, and believed that medication was preventing the genuine spiritual growth that was best for my soul, even if it meant suffering daily for an unknown amount of time.  I not only believed I could manifest my way out of the depression; I also believed that needing professional mental health support was a spiritual failure.

I meditated with this group twice a week for one year.  Toward the end of that year, we were all clear on a few things.  We knew I had been authentic and dedicated.  We knew I had put all of my heart, soul, and faith into overcoming my depression.  And we all new that I just plain did not deserve to suffer any longer.  Very rapidly, after going back to taking my antidepressants, there was a miracle of a change witnessed by all.  I began true healing and thriving.  I was able to be fully myself.

In this group, we all meditated on each other’s dreams and desires.  It was a beautiful experience.  Our open talks and time meditating together created a unique bond.  We fell in love as a group.  We even came to love each other’s families and partners.  The entire experience was healing in that we were all gathering regularly to speak honestly about what means most to us, and we did it in a sincerely nonjudgmental way.  That in itself builds a significant rise in inner peace.

One of our group members had a husband, diagnosed as terminally ill with cancer.  We didn’t just meditate weekly on his healing.  We were dedicated to it.  It was the issue in the group that we all felt needed priority attention.  We were on call to pray and meditate at any given moment when his cancer took a hard turn.  We got to know him.  And to know him was to love him.  I am certain in my bones that losing him just after our one year of meditation was not due to any level, conscious or not, of faulty manifesting or intentions.  Nor was there any kind of failure on his part to accept healing. He was open to the process.

The illusion can be demonstrated through two points I’d like to share now.

Choice is an illusion.  Our subconscious mind makes decisions a fraction of a second before our conscious mind appears to make the decision.  This is why I like the vibrational approach to manifesting, living and meditating with the intentions of being in alignment with your greatest good, which I believe to be the greatest good of all as well.
Time is an illusion.  We know that time is not actually linear, though we are experiencing it that way in this universe.  The past and future are illusions in that somehow everything is happening at once, in what many of us refer to as the eternal now.  This again brings me back to the frequency approach to manifesting.  If multiple realities and dimensions exist in which we are living different lives, making different choices; then perhaps we can, intentionally raise our vibrations in the present moment, mysteriously aligning ourselves with the dimension of our greatest good.

Perhaps we have influence over our reality moment to moment.  Perhaps we have the ability to align with a greater reality through inner work, focus, and intention.  

Believing in absolute control is an ABSOLUTE illusion.

I have gained great friends, tools, and wisdom from my delving into the world of manifesting, but there are warnings I would give anyone opening themselves up to this world.

Manifesting is not a tool for judgment, or even a near complete explanation of what occurs in your life or in others’ lives.

It is not a tool that can control your outward experience.  All we know is that we want to feel good.  We want to love and be loved. We do not know what that looks like no matter how much we think we do.

It is not meant to shame and blame ourselves and/or others for the struggles and difficulties we face in life; or the illnesses we bare and may or may not overcome.

Shame is a lie and a cruelty.  When we feel guilt, it is an opportunity to gain wisdom and insight into new ways of being. We are meant to then let go, to forgive ourselves and others, to move forward without shame.  

Blame is useless, for there is only endless cause to everything.  

These words are meant to release people from shame, from the fear of their own thoughts, people who bare the weight of guilt for too long over what they perceive as their own failings.

Life is mostly a ride where the great majority, or possibly all, of our free will…lies within…in choosing to gain wisdom, leading to an understanding of love and an experience of inner peace; OR choosing to hide our own needs for personal growth from ourselves, refusing to learn exactly what harm is and what it is not, which leads to inner turmoil and toxicity in relationships. 

Learn what love is and is not.  Learn what harm is and is not.  Learn how to be a safe space for others and how to command the same from others. Dare to be honest, authentic and humble.  The manifestations will follow.  The good feelings, the peace and love we all desire AND deserve, will absolutely follow. 

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