Inside Out

You are not weak, but strong. I share with you my secrets, and we are healed from shame. Love, Nyla

Nyla V. drops any cloaks of shame within her for the sake of Truth and for the sake of her readers as she poetically details experiences such as: loving a toxic person; struggling with depression and anxiety; struggling with stigma; being suicidal; catharsis; and the building of self-love in order to overcome it all. The book starts out at her lowest point when she begins writing as the only way she knew how to begin to deal with the pain she’s in. In her first layer of journal entries, Nyla details her descent into utter hopelessness while loving an addict whom she hopes will overcome his terrible ways. In her second layer of journal entries (one year later), Nyla demonstrates progress in new habits of self-love and care. Readers see the drastic effects this has on her overall well-being. Nyla even waited three more years to add a third layer of journal entries. She did this to demonstrate healing through time…the process, the cycles, the setbacks, and the triumphs. If you are a person who has spent a lot of time in the Personal Growth or New age section of the book store, you will undoubtedly identify with Nyla Verity’s exploration of self and meaning in life. 

At it’s heart, this book is a companion to anyone who has experienced the chaos of loving and sharing life with an addict.

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