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SURVIVOR is written in a unique and poetic style through which Nyla Verity tells her very personal story of healing after sexual assault. She was victimized in high school and originally dealt with the trauma through denial. This caused her pain to seep out in various ways throughout the years (PTSD, Depression, Toxic relationship cycles, etc.). Eventually, her experiences led her to seek healing and face her problems head on. Her journey eventually brings her to a place where she is able to find acceptance of her trauma and all of the ways it changed the course of her life. She finally completes the journey from denial to victimhood to acceptance and ultimately to the mindset of survivor.

As stated by Nyla in the book’s preface:” Healing is a process less about a destination than it is about maintaining hope, finding acceptance and the will to continue the journey. It is my greatest wish that readers will find this hope, acceptance, and renewed strength through my sharing.”

If you or someone you know has experienced the trauma of sexual assault, this book could be a true aid in healing and finding hope.

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