healing poetry

Manifesting is an Illusion

Manifesting is an illusion. Does that statement stir something in you? If it stirs up anxiety, because manifesting has brought significant joy and peace into your life, then the following words are not for you.  Perhaps manifesting is working for…
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The Golden

Life is unbearable until we can accept our own humanity and learn to live authentically.
And if you are very, very lucky in this world you allow trueness to self to take precedence over the disappointment and judgment of all others…
Because something inside says this is an emergency. Something inside is screaming that you would rather die than go on living, pretending to be whatever it is that makes the world more comfortable around you.

I am a Moment Passing

Today I am… I am blank…somewhat hidden I am bare… A featureless void I am aloof detachment… pondering nothingness. I am anxiety… yearning for the return of my usual fervor. Feeling something inside unaccounted for… I am not detached or…
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Featured Content – SURVIVOR

As stated by Lindsay in the book’s preface:” Healing is a process less about a destination than it is about maintaining hope, finding acceptance and the will to continue the journey. It is my greatest wish that readers will find this hope, acceptance, and renewed strength through my sharing.”

If you or someone you know has experienced the trauma of sexual assault, this book could be a true aid in healing and finding hope.