About Lindsay Keane: Lindsay Keane is a Nationally Certified Counselor, a member of NAMI, and has struggled for most of her life personally with PTSD, Depression, and Anxiety. She writes memoirs as a mixture of deeply personal and honest prose and poetry. The result is always a spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings that connects and often causes healing waves of emotion to wash over her readers. She wants to connect. She wants readers to agree not to judge her and not to judge themselves. She wants readers to learn to love and understand themselves by witnessing her own commitment to self-love amongst so much inner and outer chaos and turmoil. She is undeterred by fear when it comes to revealing herself and her life to others, and she does it with great love, beauty, and integrity.

About this site: This is a site that I hope will become a place where many people will feel comfortable speaking their Truth…the kind that needs to be spoken.  I also hope that what is shared here can heal readers who come in seek of healing, or at the least help them along their personal journeys of healing.  I will be sharing my own Truth mostly in the form of poetry, but I look forward to sharing all kinds of art and interacting with all kinds of other healing artists, so feel free to contact me if you are inspired to share something here!  Read the piece below “On Stigma” to get a vivid picture of what this site is all about.


On Stigma

It is a word that gets thrown around a lot,
But have you thought of it’s meaning?

Most people think of being judged when they think
of Stigma.

But the main problem is that Stigma keeps people
From doing what is best for them.
Stigma keeps people sick.
Stigma leads people to be suicidal.
Stigma makes us doubt ourselves and hate ourselves.
Stigma makes us feel shame and causes us to hide our true selves…
Often from everyone, even those who deserve to know us fully.

I’m not suggesting a fight or a war against it.
I’m suggesting a movement of Truth.
Truth extinguishes stigma.
It extinguishes thoughts of cruel or ignorant judgment.

Much of my life has been ruled by stigma-related fears.
I’ve hid so much of myself
After being victimized and hurt.
I couldn’t bring myself to show myself,
So I remained victimized and hurt.

But I will no longer allow this

They say we are as shameful as our secrets.
Now, I will refuse shame by giving up my secrets
And sharing my Truth with anyone who will listen
In the hopes that I will help some shed their own shame
Or share their own secrets.

While others might (I hope) open up their minds
To where they have judged, where they have participated in Stigma.
We all have…so we must all overcome it together.