About Me…Nyla Verity: 

I am a counselor, poet, spiritual memoir writer, and single parent.  I am all kinds of things on any given day.  I’m an animal lover (especially dogs and dolphins); I love to be near any body of water; I love to sing and write songs; I love collaboration; I love comedians and good comedy (I’m pretty funny, but I’m AWESOME at laughing); I love art and music (most especially Bob Marley, Bob’s children, and good hip-hop); and MOST OF ALL I am passionate about Truth.  To me, it is the key to everything…to what we all want in our heart of hearts… peace, joy, and unconditional love and acceptance.  It is the Truth WITHIN that is our greatest guide in all of life.  The problem is that early in life we receive all kinds of messages about ourselves and the world around us that we accept as true far into adulthood, and many of these ideas (or habits of thought) do not serve our overall well-being in any way.  One super Truth is the fact (which all passionate seekers of Truth soon discover) that nothing that is TRUE can hurt us.  The TRUTH indeed sets us Free.  Real Truth will always serve both your highest good and the greater good of all.  It was in realizing this that I decided to dedicate my life to Truth by being as transparent as can be…by sharing my Truth in the hope and faith that it well help others to do the same without shaming or judging themselves.  

Another interesting discovery that I’ve made on this path is that the Truth is rarely discovered without.  Yes, there are a lot of things like synchronicities and inspiration that we come across in life that guide us to new epiphanies of Truth.  But those epiphanies always end up actually occurring within.  And most of the time…it seems to happen as a result of letting go of what is false, letting go of untruths, unlearning untruths if you will 😉  

The Truth is I do not yet have a long term plan for this site… I’m going with the flow.  What I do know is I will be sharing the Truth of my present…I will share what is on my mind…what my heart yearns to say…what my gut tells me…and what I know and come to know in my bones.  

I am grateful to be able to say that I have come into a new, lighter way of living recently.  My peace, happiness, and ability to flow with life have all recently increased significantly.  I am in a period of rest and restoration after many long years of struggle, fear, and sadness.  Through my dedication to Truth, I have been able to overcome longterm resistant depression; I have ended cycles of toxicity and overcome the PTSD of sexual assault and other life traumas; and I have put an end to years of self and life loathing.  I am so thankful to say that I am in that place where I am breathing sighs of relief and often crying tears of joy, because the Truth taught me the importance of self-love and acceptance.  It taught me how to build my peace and happiness.  It led me to a place where I can now say…it was all worth it…just to know how to savor this new way of life…and to share it with you.


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